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What’s Fuel Cell ?


What’s Fuel Cell ?

Fuel Cell is not a battery but a generator. The principle is the reverse of “electrolysis of water”. In the system of “electrolysis of water”, water is separated to oxygen and hydrogen by being electrified. But as for fuel cell, electricity is made from oxygen and hydrogen with reverse reaction of “electrolysis of water”.

Fuel cell principles of operation is here

What’s DMFC ?

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
DMFC stands for "Direct Methanol Fuel Cell". It's just one kind of fuel cells.
DMFC generates electricity by chemical reaction using methanol, a kind of alcohol.
DMFC is considered the best fuel cell type for mobile devices because it is compact. It is also good for environment because it doesn't exhaust NOx and Sox, which cause air pollution.


The Features of Toshiba DMFC

1.A small amount of fuel produces big energy. So it's quite compact!

Since the fuel is highly concentrated methanol, a small amount of the fuel produces big energy.
In addition, as the fuel tank in DMFC device is also so small thanks to highly concentrated methanol, miniaturization of devices are possible.

2.One cartridge for all devices

Each DMFC devices have same cartridge connector.
Each cartridge can be used for various DFMC devices.


Enjoy mobile devices anytime, anywhere, as long as you want.

No more power shortage!

Instant charge and use!

No need for cords!