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Creating a safe and secure lifestyle
Creating products that are
environmentally conscious
Creating leading technologies
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22 Oct 2014
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Creating a safe and secure lifestyle
Healthcare-related (Hygiene and medical use)

Photocatalyst that reacts even to indoor light for deodorizing and decolonizing rooms
Magnetic materials for cryogenic regenerator matrices
Maintains an ultra-low temperature to draw out the MRI superconductivity performance
Ceramics balls
Realizes quietness and a light weight for medical equipment rotating units
X-ray tube targets
Anode components for high output, high strength X-ray tubes
Thermal Print Head
High definition printing devices for X-ray images
Flexible Printed Circuit Board
Supports use with medical sensors that demand high reliability

Creating products that are environmentally conscious
Energy-related and minimizing environmental impact

Ceramics balls
ExcellentECP Contribute to resource-saving by a bearing longer life of industrial machinery variously.
Amorphous magnetic materials
Achieves high-efficiency performance in wireless charging
Ceramics substrates
ExcellentECP Contribute to small weight saving of semiconductor module and resource-saving.
SmCo magnets
ExcellentECP Achieving high performance with Sm, which can be sourced from multiple regions without using Dy, a rare earth metal.
ExcellentECP Contains no hazardous substance of cadmium (Cd) etc, and you can also excel the workability.
Heavy alloys
Alternative components for lead used in radiation screening
Magnetron for Microwave Oven
ExcellentECP Contribute to energy conservation of a microwave, miniature and weight saving.

Creating leading technologies and products
High-efficiency manufacturing solutions, highly functional materials and devices-related

Thermal Print Head
Realizes the world's No.1(*) wide-format, high quality printing (26-inch, 1200dpi) (*As of July 2014)
Sputtering targets
Supports the thin-film coating of state-of-art semiconductors
Ceramics substrates
Realizes both high thermal conductivity and high strength
Electrodes with high arc resistance, high fusing resistance, and high abrasion resistance