Mitigation of Global Warming
- Introducing Renewable Energy -

As one measure against global warming, we are actively working on bringing renewable energy into our facilities in countries across the world.

* Renewable energy is energy obtained by harnessing the powers of nature and includes power generated with water, wind and sunlight.

Introduction of Hydropower Generation (Germany)

Certification of Electricity from Hydropower Generation (Renewable Energy)

Toshiba Europe GmbH which produces PCs and LCD televisions, has switched to hydropower generation. It consumes 1.75 million kWh of electricity a year, which translates into a reduction of annual CO2 emissions of approx. 705 tons, 80% less than when it purchased electricity and gas before the switch.

Introduction of Solar Power Generation System (US)

Solar panels installed in the parking lot

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., which undertakes sales and marketing of PCs and LCD TVs, has installed solar panels in a parting lot on it campus. It is mainly used to power the computer rooms. The solar panels have a generation capacity of 105kW and output approx. 155,000kWh a year, cutting CO2 by approx. 88.9 tons a year.

Introduction of Solar Power Generation System (China)

Toshiba Information Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., which manufactures PCs, has installed solar panels on its building roof, which produce electricity for the building's LED lighting. The panels have a 1.1kW capacity and produce approx. 2.4kWh and year, an approximate 1.9 ton reduction in CO2.

Solar panels installed on the rooftopIntroduction of Solar Power Generation System

Introduction of Solar LED Lights

Factories in all regions of the world have changed to solar outdoor lighting. Batteries charged by sunlight during daylight hours power LED lighting.

Dalian Toshiba Television Co., Ltd. /Toshiba Information Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.