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Energy Saving Design

TOSHIBA eco Utility

Comprehensive support for energy saving PCs

eco mode

Just press the "Energy Saving (eco) button"*1 to switch to the optimized eco mode. Energy is saved without any need for complicated settings. 。

  • *1: Only for products with the "Energy Saving (eco) button". The position of the "Energy Saving (eco) button" differs by model.
 How to Set the eco Mode

Refer here for details on how to set eco mode.
http://dynabook.com/assistpc/faq_search/setsuden.htmA separate window will open.

Peak Shift

To make effective use of electricity, battery power is used during the day, when energy demand is high, and the PC is charged during the night, when demand is relatively low. Averaged power demand is realized.

Supported models: V713, V832, V632, R822, R732, T953, T653, T553

Switching between AC Power and Battery Power

* When a nighttime rate is contracted for with the power company. Electricity rates differ depending on the contract. Amounts of electricity consumed during charging differ, depending on PC usage environments.

* The diagram only explains the peak shift concept, and actual peak shift hours vary depending on types of battery packs in the main body and the remaining battery levels.

* The battery pack is a consumable. Repeated charges and discharges over time reduce the battery life cycle, bringing nearer the time when the battery must be replaced.

Battery Life Cycle

Battery Life Cycle

When a battery is repeatedly charged to "full charge" or left with a full charge, the rate at which is deteriorates is accelerated. When "eco charge mode" is "On", the charge capacity is suppressed and battery life is extended. Even if the "eco charge mode" is "On", when battery power is frequently used it automatically switches to the standard charging method.

Supported models: V713, V832, V632, R822, R732, T953, T653, T553

TOSHIBA Active Display Off

The presence of a person in detected and the display is switched on or off automatically.

Toshiba PCs can sense the presence or absence of a person with the built-in web camera, and automatically turn the display on/off the display. You do not need to turn off the display yourself, and energy is saved without any special effort.

Supported models: 833, D813, D713, T953, T653, T553, T642, R732, V832, V632, R822

* The PC must be set to "Enable". The default setting is "Disable".

TOSHIBA Active Display Off

Long-life Battery

Release from the bonds of time.

Long-life Battery

"Long-time battery power" is essential to reach the goal of a high quality ultrabook. A large capacity of battery is implemented in the thin and compact body to extend the running time. V632 has a long-time battery power, approx.13 hours,*1 ample time for people on the go that enhances portability and convenience.

*1: A value according to the JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method for Notebook PCs (Ver1.0). Actual running times differ depending on the usage environment and settings. The battery pack is built into this product and cannot be replaced by the owner. When the battery pack reaches end of life, please contact Toshiba PC Anshin Support for replacement. As the battery pack is a consumable, replacements are charged for, even within the warranty period.

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