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Recycling of End-of-Life Products

Recycle of end-of-life PC products

PC Product recycling is essential to reduce of environmental impacts at end-of-life.Toshiba is establishing PC recycling programs in each region.

Toshiba's Basic Policy on PC Recycling

In the pursuit of a symbiosis with the Earth, achieved by reducing environmental impacts throughout our business processes and from our products, we are establishing recycling programs in resions where we promote sales activities. The recycling programs are set up and implemented by local sales and marketing subsidiaries. Programs were first initiated in territories where we have representative branch offices: Japan, the EU, Canada, the US, South Korea and Australia. We already have recycling programs in regions that cover 80% of total sales volume. We will further extend recycling programs to cover regions where we are expanding business operations. At this stage, we are investigating infrastructure, recycling facilities and local regulations in the regions where we will introduce programs.

PC Recycling Program

Toshiba is establishing PC recycling programs in each region:

(Last update: July. 2013)


  • JapanJapan

    The Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources, which came into effect in April 2001, requires PC manufacturers to collect and recycle end-of-life PCs from offices.Following the revision of the law, we have been collecting and recycling end-of-life PCs from homes since October 2003.New home-use PCs were sold with "PC recycle marks" since August 2003, allowing customers to have their PCs collected and recycled free of charge.

North America

  • USUS

    We launched a trade-in program in the US, offering customers the opportunity to trade-in their used PCs, of any brand, and upgrade to a new Toshiba PC.
    The Toshiba Trade-In Program gives customers a credit for the value of their old products, which are responsibly recycled. In December 2006, we extended the recycling program to include free Notebook PC take-back.
    In addition, we are increasing the collection volume according to the MRMA separate window will open. compliance and voluntary take-back program.


  • EUEU

    In EU countries, customers have the option of discarding old Toshiba PCs free of charge at municipal collection points.The manner in which the collection is arranged differs by municipality.Information, such as the address and opening hours of the waste collection point, can be found in municipal guides or web sites.Another option is to return old equipment via the place where new equipment is purchased.

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