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Environmental Education

In addition to environmental education programs for all Toshiba employees, we, the Energy Systems & Solutions Company provide a specific environmental education program in view of characteristics of our business activity and products

Specific Environmental Education

Type Object person Method Description
General education All employees e-learning Enlightenment education of global environmental issues, policy and approach of the Energy Systems & Solutions Company, etc.
Education for managers Managers e-learning In addition to the above, role, authority and responsibility of managers
Education for special task personnel Personnel who engages in works which may greatly affect the environment or who engages in works related to environmental laws Specialized education based on OJT for each department Compliance with appropriate work procedures of works and equipment operation which have a great impact on the environment
Education for Internal auditors Candidates of internal auditors Training program for internal auditors Knowledge to be required for internal audit
Education for Engineers Engineers Engineer training Environmentally conscious design technique and material knowledge, etc.

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