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Environmental Policy of Toshiba Corporation Energy Systems & Solutions Company and Nuclear Energy Systems & Solutions Div.

Toshiba Corporation Energy Systems & Solutions Company and Nuclear Energy Systems & Solutions Div. contributes to society by: providing system solutions such as efficient thermal/hydro power systems, home fuel cells, power generating systems with renewable new energy and highly efficient power transmission and distribution systems, including smart grid and nuclear power systems that emit no carbon dioxide while generating power, and renewable new energy-based power generation business, to proactively promote the prevention of global warming; developing environmentally conscious products; and minimizing environmental impact through our production.

  We recognize that “the Earth is an irreplaceable asset” and it is a fundamental duty of each of us to preserve it for future generations. Because of this, we strive global environmental management at our sites over the world aiming “stable energy supply” and “realizing more desirable global environment” following the Toshiba Group’s Environmental Vision.

  1.  We consider environmental stewardship to be one of management’s primary responsibilities and address environmental activities harmonizing with our economic activities.
  2.  We assess environmental impacts in our business activities including biodiversity conservation in order to prevent pollution and environmental impact. Also we strive for the improvement of environmental performance through continuous improvement of Environmental Management System.
  3.  We contribute to mitigation of environmental impact by our products and service throughout their lifecycle from development and design phase to through maintenance & service.
  4.  We comply with all of applicable latest environmental laws, regulations, and other environmental standards along with our own voluntary standards. Also we address for preventions of environmental accidents by strengthening risk management.
  5.  We require all employees to make a practical contribution to the environment all together through raising environmental awareness of all employees working for and at our company and their families. Also we will disclose environmental information and enhance environmental communications in cooperation with our society.

April 7, 2017

Aburatani Yoshihiro
President and CEO
Energy Systems & Solutions Company

Hatazawa Mamoru
General Manager
Toshiba Corporation Nuclear Energy Systems & Solutions Division

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