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Remote Monitoring Services

Service Menu of Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring: Vibration Monitoring
EHC/AVR Monitoring
Remote Diagnosis EHC/AVR Remote Diagnosis
Diagnosis on the Internet: Vibration, EHC/AVR
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Periodical Report  
  EHC: Electro-Hydraulic Control
AVR: Automatic Voltage Regurator

Advantages of Technical Support by Remote Monitoring
  1. Quick response in case of failure
Since customers and Toshiba can share real-time information, Toshiba specialists in Japan can check the situation as if they were at the site.
  2. Detection of potential failures in the early stage
Remote diagnosis and online diagnosis realize high availability.
  3. Periodical report
Customers can check plant conditions periodically and plan effective maintenance schedules.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring
Customers and Toshiba can share the information of viblation or process values.
- Detection of potential failures in the early stage
- Quick response in case of failure
High Reliability
Low Maintenance Cost

S-V; Rotation Speed Vs. Vibration Amplitude
S-V; Rotation Speed Vs. Vibration Amplitude
Polar Diagram
Polar Diagram

Remote Diagnosis

Status Display
Example of Status Display at Toshiba, Japan

- Remote check and analysis of
EHC status in case of failure
- Customer's notice to Toshiba
Service Center or automatic
notice via Alarm Management
System (AMS)
- Quick and proper instructions from Toshiba Service Center for taking appropriate countermeasures

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