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September 6, 2017
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Company

Vietnam’s Trung Son Hydro Power Station Units 1 to 4 Start Operation with Toshiba Hydro Turbines and Generators

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that all hydro turbines and generators of units 1 to 4 at Vietnam’s Trung Son Hydro Power Station, manufactured by Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (THPC), have started commercial operation. The 260MW plant is owned by Trung Son Hydropower Company, a unit of Vietnam Electricity. The project was financed by the World Bank, in its first loan to Vietnam, as it combines drought and flood control with electricity supply.

THPC, Toshiba’s Chinese subsidiary for the manufacture, sales and maintenance of hydroelectric equipment, received the equipment supply order from Trung Son Hydropower Company in August 2013, as a member of a consortium with HYDROCHINA CORPORATION. It was the company’s first order in Vietnam, won on the strength of positive evaluations of THPC’s technology and equipment reliability.

Commenting on the successful deployment, Takao Konishi, Vice President of the Thermal & Hydro Power Systems & Services Div. in Toshiba Corporation’s Energy Systems & Solutions Company said, "I am delighted that THPC has successfully completed this major order for hydro turbines and generators. Toshiba has over 120 years’ experience of delivering high quality hydro power systems for projects around the world, and THPC has drawn on this deep know-how and our technological advantages in hydropower generation to achieve advanced capabilities. We are also very pleased to support Vietnam in meeting its fast rising energy demand, and will continue to provide support as the Vietnamese economy continues to grow."

In Vietnam, hydro power plants accounts for about half of the total installed generating capacity of 34GW. The government is responding to growing demand with an expansion plan that will raise capacity to 75GW in 2020 and to 146.8GW by 2030. Toshiba installed its first hydropower system in Vietnam in 1964, and its record to date includes 10 hydro turbines and 6 hydro generators for hydroelectric power plants.

Toshiba will continue to deliver cost-competitive and high-performance hydroelectric equipment from Japan and China to markets around the world.


Project Outline

Plant Name Trung Son Hydro Power Station Unit 1 to 4
Plant operator Trung Son Hydropower Company
Site Location Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Scope of Supply 4 x 65MW hydroelectric turbines and generators


The hydro turbine manufactured by THPC
The generator manufactured by THPC

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