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Message from the President


From hardware to software; from post-PC and post-mobile to AR, VR, AI, robots, self-driving cars, big data storage, 3D printing, wearable technology, drones, clouds, and the IoT, our lives are surrounded by paradigm shifts that are altering our sense of values. At this very moment, this rapid evolution and expansion is happening right before our very own eyes.

Taking this evolution as a golden opportunity to respond to the new needs of our customers, our company is proactively making proposals for a multitude of electronic devices. These include discrete semiconductors, mixed-signal IC, logic LSI, memory, SSD, and HDD, in such growing fields as automotive, manufacturing, data centers, IT and communications, entertainment, mobile devices, and digital home electronics. We are shifting the relative importance of our efforts from the conventional sales of individual products to introducing nifty new technologies involving apps, providing our system solutions, creating demand, and offering collaborative proposals. We want to steadily move forward with our customers and build business models with ever-fresher outlooks.

Japanese industries, in particular, have a monumental chance to reach the number one spot in the global market and bring us into a new future. Toshiba Device Corporation intends to contribute to their full extent to reclaim that number one spot and do our best as our customers' trusted associate as their partners in the truest sense.

Hideya Yamaguchi
 President and CEO