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Environment Policy


Based on recognition in the Toshiba Group's basic Environment Policy that our fundamental duty is to maintain the sound condition of our irreplaceable global environment to pass on to the next generation, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation and its group companies is striving to create increased value and coexist with the earth, under the Toshiba Group's vision for the environment. Through environmental activities that are aimed toward a society that is low-carbon, recycling-oriented, that coexists with nature, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.


Toshiba Device Co. values environmental initiatives as one of the most important issues for our business. Accordingly, we are implementing corporate initiatives that harmonize business with consideration for the environment, from the perspective of product lifecycle. We are also aiming to contribute to society by reducing the resources and energy used in the electronic devices we supply and, consequently, the equipment in which they are installed.

  1. Compliance and Sustainability
    1. Our organization complies with legal and other requirements applicable to the environmental aspects of our organization, including our own standards, as well as such guidelines as agreed upon in the industry.
    2. To endeavor to enhance our environmental performance, as well as our amount of environmental activities, we promote effective operations and make on-going improvements to our environmental management systems based on implementation of audits and activity reviews.
  2. Execution
    When executing corporate initiatives, we evaluate the impact on the environment and biodiversity that all of our business processes have. We also reduce our environmental burden, set environmental goals and objectives related to preventing contamination, and develop progressive environmental measures.
    1. By providing a society with electronic devices that use fewer resources and less energy, we are helping to reduce society's burden on the environment and to fight climate change.
    2. We make efforts to promote mutual understanding between stakeholders through cooperative solidarity with all regions and communities.
    3. Our organization strengthens its employees' environmental awareness, and executes corporate initiatives that focus on the environment.

Along with making policies public to all people working in our organization, this Environmental Policy is also distributed both inside and outside the company, which promotes corporate initiatives that adhere to the policy.

July 5, 2017
Hideya Yamaguchi
President and CEO