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Outline of TTSI Business

Turnkey Large Scale Projects

TTSI has been involved in significant roles in execution of turnkey large scale projects including EPC under the Toshiba banner. These included roles and services during all phase of the project construction such as Feasibility Studies (FS), Front End Engineering and Design (FEED), Procurement, Production Control, Transportation and Technical Advisor (TA) for erection & commissioning upto plant handover. Effective construction and project management through our site based Project Managers and TA's have enabled Toshiba to successfully complete turnkey thermal power projects such as :-

- Chang Bin 2-2-1 Combined Cycle Power Plant (490MW) in Taiwan,
- Fong Der 2-2-1 Combined Cycle Power Plant (2 x 490MW) in Taiwan,
- Chiahui 3-3-1 Combined Cycle Power Plant (670MW) in Taiwan ,
- Tanjung Jati B Thermal Power Plant (2 x 710MW, 2 x 708.3MW) in Indonesia,
- Tanjug Bin Thermal Power Plant (3 x 748MW) in Malaysia,
- Port Dickson II 2-2-1 Combined Cycle Power Plant (750MW) in Malaysia,
- Jimah Thermal Power Plant (2 x 752.5MW) in Malaysia,
- Valladolid III 2-2-1 Combined Cycle Power Plant (525MW) in Mexico,
- Umm Al Nar 5-5-2 Combined Cycle IWPP Plant (1550MW + 95MIGD)in UAE, and
- Jebel Ali 3-3-2 Combined Cycle Power Plant with Desalination (750MW + 70MIGD)in UAE.

Combined cycle power,Thermal power

In addition to thermal power projects, TTSI has contributed significantly to Toshiba's hydro electric, renewable, transportation and smart community projects worldwide. Our experienced managers have played key roles in execution of following projects :-

- Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant (6 x 312MW) in the USA,
- Patuha Geothermal Power Plant (1 x 55MW) in Indonesia,
- Nuclear Power Plant AP1000TM (Vogtle Unit 3, 4, VC Summer Unit 2, 3) in the USA,
- Smart Community Systems at Lyon Project in France, and
- High Speed Railway Project in Taiwan.

Hydroelectric power,High speed railway,Wind farm

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