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Environmental Protection Policy

Toshiba System Technology Corporation will contribute to a sustainable society through the creation of abundant value and promotion of the coexistence with the earth under the Toshiba Group’s Environmental Vision by recognizing the “Irreplaceable global environment for the next generation in a sound, healthy state as the basic responsibility of people today.”

  1. We position approaches to environmental conservation as overriding managerial issues, thereby working on environmental conservation activities with concerted effort.
  2. We work to develop and provide products that are one step ahead as part of our contribution from harmonization through the processes of procurement of raw materials to the stage of disposal.
  3. In the business processes, we work on the following environmentally-friendly activities to promote reductions in the environmental load:
    • Reduction in generation and separate collection
    • Reduction in waste through recycling
    • Environmental assessment on procurement source companies of materials
    • Promotion of green procurement through implementation of training
  4. We recognize that legal compliance for environmental conservation is the minimum responsibility and control our compliance as needed.
  5. We offer environmental education and audits, thereby maintaining and improving the level of our environmental conservation activities.
  6. We further enhance environmental awareness among all personnel within the company, as well as family members, work on environmental activities together, and promote harmonization and solidarity with local society, thereby ensuring proactive communication.

Toshiba System Technology Corporation
Shingo Takeuchi
President, Chief Executive Officer

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