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Outline of TTSI Business

Modernization and Upgrade Projects

Recently modernization and upgrade of aging plants are gaining ground due to benefits such as improvement of plant efficiency, increasing of power output, minimizing O&M costs and extending plant life. TTSI can provide performance enhancement solutions which can make the Customer's assets more profitable.
One of the examples TTSI provided is Maritsa East II Project in Bulgaria, for which TTSI completed renovating five (5) steam turbines and four (4) generators from Russian and Ukraine aging machines to Toshiba's state-of-the-art machines. This modernization helped improve the profitability of the project owned by Bulgarian Energy Holding (100% owned by Bulgaria Government), The output of the plant was enhanced by 107.2 MW without increasing the boiler capacity, thus improving the plant efficiency and also extending the life of the plant. As a result, Bulgarian Energy Holding greatly appreciated Toshiba Group for the successful completion of the project and signed an "Agreement for Energy and Energy Efficiency Up" for future modernization and upgrade projects.


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