Product Information:Besides producing lead frames and metal molds that support semiconductor manufacturing, we are active in diverse fields that are not limited to semiconductors.
Lead Frame Connector:Support of a very wide range of products
Metal Mold:High quality metal molds with high-precision machining technology
Case Studies of Products :From smartphones to LEDs and automotive
Comprehensive Support:Comprehensive manufacturing processes from development through mass production
Corporate Information:The Key Component Provider
Molding Process:World-renowned molding utilizing proven technologies to produce precise and sophisticated parts
Lead Frame Manufacturing Process:Stable capabilities meeting customer expectations. Technical skills that can accommodate diverse requests


  • 03 Jul., opened.
  • 09 Jun., 2017The president took the place on June 9, 2017.
  • 22 Dec., 2014The website was redesigned. Please leave, if it is a design and manufacture of development and mass production of a thin board and a detailed precision press processing article, and a precision tool.
Environmental Protection Activities:Realizing a society in harmony with the environment of planet Earth.
Commitment to High Quality:Ensuring high quality in both products and processes

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