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System Solutions

Based on component technology of ICT, control and electricity, we offer optimum solutions as requested by customers.

Proposal Examples

Business Control: Visualization of Know-how

Process Control

We support the quality assurance of fieldwork through the schedule control of workers and the navigation of standard work.

Work Procedures (Electronic manual, Assembly inspection support system)

Electronic manual: Support the assurance of work quality by observing work rules and procedures.

Work Training

Training for equipment inspection and part replacement: Support sophistication of field work with video image and sound.

Work Support: Visualization of work processes

Inventory Control

Uniform control of inventory parts information: Promotion of streamlining of business processes including receipt of goods, storage and servicing.

Periodical Replacement

Control of aging information of parts to be replaced on a regular basis: Support the optimization and sophistication of maintenance service work.

Field Inspection

Management System for field inspection records: Support the processes from analysis of collected data to preparation of reports through the sophistication of field inspections.

Business Intelligence: Visualization of Accumulated Data

Business information management

Data totalization and form output processing are automatized while management data assets remain unchanged, thereby realizing dramatic business improvement.


Control of visitor questionnaires to exhibitions: Support the documents on a timely basis since they check the analysis results of questionnaires immediately.

Health Care

Promotion of planned health management:Proactive health building/improvement of health and trend indication of measurement results.

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