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Message from the President

Kenji Tsukahara President, Chief Executive Officer Photo

Toshiba System Technology Corporation (TST) was established in 1986 as a company to design and develop monitoring, controlling and protection systems for use with power generation and other systems in the energy-related fields of the Toshiba Group.

Since foundation, we have been contributing to the stable supply of power and realization of a sustainable society through approaches for realizing high-performance and high-quality systems by skillfully using the most advanced system technology and control technology available.
In addition, we have cultivated human resources who can meet customer demands by taking advantage of these technologies and experiences.

Today, the energy situation in Japan and overseas calls for the integration of a wide variety of energy sources with the goal of becoming carbon neutral and securing a more stable supply of energy. On the other hand, technological innovation in ICT, including IoT and AI, has delivered new value to customers across all business sectors, not to mention social infrastructure.

We will make full use of our technologies and experiences in engineering as well as designing, development, testing and field engineering of systems we have accumulated over the years.

Furthermore, we will utilize our latest ICT-related technologies to contribute to the growth of our customers and the creation of foundation for an affluent society.

Shingo Takeuchi President, Chief Executive Officer

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