Power Generation Control Business

Our technologies and innovations support the power generation infrastructure of today and tomorrow

We monitor the operation status of power generation plants in real time and contribute to the stable supply of energy in Japan through the design of systems that operate and control the plants.
Currently, we are focusing on restarting nuclear power plants, improving the efficiency of thermal power generation, and stabilizing hydropower generation in order to realize a decarbonized society. In the future, we will use the latest ICT technology for the design of monitoring and control systems for next-generation reactors and decarbonized thermal power plants, and support the present and future of energy through the Power Generation Control Business as a member of the Toshiba Group.

Nuclear Power Monitoring and Control

Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) have been out of service for a long time due to construction work to clear new regulatory standards.
We are focusing on system design such as safety equipment newly required for restart and functional redundancy of existing systems, aiming for safe and secure early operation.
In addition, the nuclear fuel required for operation is a recyclable quasi-domestic energy source, and we are also engaged in the design of the operation systems for the reprocessing plants that support it.
In addition, we actively participate in the mechatronics field of Toshiba heavy particle and radiotherapy equipment to utilize technologies cultivated in nuclear power.

Business Overview

Design of high-quality and safe plant control systems

We design plant control systems with advanced safety functions and reliable proven technology and methods, and design computer systems to monitor and control plants and control systems. Utilizing our knowledge of plant I&C, we also contribute to the training of operators with our power generation simulator that faithfully reproduces the dynamic characteristics of plants.

Provision of plant value through advanced computer systems/From multiplex security systems to physical protection of buildings

We provide plant diagnosis and maintenance information from operation data, and realize the computer systems necessary for optimal operation. In addition, we have built a dedicated network to support a wide range of measures from the design of cybersecurity measures such as data diode transmission control and unauthorized access detection systems to the design of important systems for physical protection to protect buildings.

Operation system for Japan’s first nuclear fuel reprocessing plant

Using monitoring and control technology cultivated at nuclear power plants, this system contributes to the reprocessing plant’s own operation and machine operation control, and realizes a computer system that manages the plant processes.

Developing technologies cultivated through nuclear power

Taking full advantage of the advanced technologies it has cultivated for nuclear power, Toshiba has developed a proton radiotherapy system for cancer treatment that minimizes the burden on the human body and maximizes patient QoL without side effects. We contribute to the radiation control and UI design.

Responsible Systems

  • Nuclear power generation/reprocessing plant operation control devices, monitoring systems
  • Plant peripheral (plant data transmission, plant data collection and analysis, cybersecurity) systems
  • Plant operation training simulator
  • Radioactive waste disposal system
  • Radiation monitoring system
  • Physical protection system
  • Heavy particle radiotherapy system

Thermal Power Monitoring and Control

In the thermal power generation business, as part of the Toshiba Group, we coordinate specifications with customers and realize systemization using our advanced engineering capabilities with respect to customer requirements and the latest distributed control system (DCS) hardware/software technology. We support sustainable energy supply by using remote monitoring technology and abnormality prediction technology to achieve remote operation of power plants and improved operational efficiency, from upstream design to detailed design, as well as factory and site commissioning.

Business Overview

Design and construction of plant monitoring and control systems

The monitoring and control system is an integral component in the overall control of a thermal power plant that provides appropriate control. We design and build monitoring and control systems adapted to real-time data processing using control algorithms that utilize programming languages.

Design and development of optimal thermal power generation planning systems using big data

We design and develop power generation planning systems that incorporate a huge amount of data on the performance of each generator from groups of up to 100 generators and determine efficient operating conditions using complex optimization calculation algorithms.

HMI system design to achieve efficient operation of thermal power plants

In order to achieve efficient operation with a small number of people, we automate plant startup and shutdown via HMI, operate equipment, and design systems with intuitive and easy-to-use user interfaces.

Responsible Systems

  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Computer systems for management
  • Optimal power generation planning systems
  • Simulator for operation training

Hydropower Monitoring and Control

In the hydropower business, applications such as general hydropower, pumped water power generation, small hydropower, and micro hydropower require technologies that match the scale of power generation.
Due to our advanced design skills and quality, we have been entrusted by Toshiba with all design work for small hydropower and micro hydropower.
We are promoting the spread of clean energy by contributing to efficient operations specific to hydroelectric power generation and reduced environmental burdens. We are realizing environmentally friendly energy supplies with the aim of achieving a sustainable future.

Business Overview

Design, manufacture and testing of generator control devices and protection devices for small hydropower generation

As part of the Toshiba Group, we provide end-to-end services for small hydroelectric power plants from upstream design engineering of generator control devices and protection devices to basic design, detailed design, and software design, as well as factory and on-site commissioning.

Development and manufacture of integrated control systems for micro-power generation

Taking advantage of the hydropower system design and manufacturing technologies cultivated by the Toshiba Group, we develop our own product systems for micro power generation equipment. We have a track record of designing, manufacturing, and testing monitoring and control protection systems that are optimized for customer requirements and delivering them to numerous plant facilities in Japan and overseas.

System research and development using IoT and AI

Customers demand optimal operations and advanced monitoring and control, and we are engaged in research and development that pushes the boundaries of technology.
Leveraging IoT and AI, we are developing software to provide attractive and competitive product systems by improving the operation and maintenance of power plants through remote monitoring using image recognition technology and deep learning engines.

Responsible Systems

  • Excitation control device
  • Governor control device
  • Hydropower plant maintenance support system
  • Integrated control panel for micro power generation equipment (TSHyACE)