Announcement of New Board Members

June 2021

We are pleased to announce that the following new board members were elected and appointed in the annual meeting of shareholders and board meeting held on June 23.
We are determined to continue our ongoing efforts to further develop and expand our business and ask for your continued guidance and support.

Yoko Abe
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Toshiba System Technology Corporation

President and Chief Executive Officer Yoko Abe
Director Junichi Nakagawa Power Generation Control Coordinator,
Management Planning Department Senior Manager
Director Masato Okazaki Chief Technology Officer,Chief Quality Executive
Transmission & Distribution Systems Coordinator,
Technology Planning & Quality Management Department Senior Manager
Director Tetsuya Bundo Information & Control Systems Coordinator,
Sales & Engineering Department Senior Manager
Director Ko Matsubara Administration Department Senior Manager
Executive Quality Leader Masatoshi Hayashi
(part time)
Koichi Tsukahara
(part time)
Toshikazu Tamba
Statutory Auditor
(part time)
Tetsu Nakamura ※Newly appointed